The Regimental Series Maces are designed to be the world’s most bespoke military maces and have been produced for military groups and enthusiasts alike around the world.  Traditionally styled, while utilizing today’s technologies, these maces are both regal and functional.  

Each mace can be completed in any finish, such as gold, silver, chrome, copper, brushed gold, victorian bronze, and almost an additional 100 finishes. Mace heads can be affixed with any device; raised lettering, badges, emblems, scrolls, acanthus leaves coronet, custom finials, and custom engraving. A variety of chain and attachments are available. To see other finished products, visit our Gallery page.

The Regimental Series Maces can be ordered standard with chrome plated metal parts, trimmed in gold with gold acanthus leaf coronet, and gold lion crown finial or with reverse plating in gold with chrome trim. Custom maces have been produced for all branches of the US Armed Forces, British Armed Forces, Canadian Armed Forces, and dozens of military and service organizations worldwide.

Regimental Series Bespoke Maces (Beginning at $6,500.00):