The Competitor Series Maces are a collaborated effort by World Champion Drum Major Jason Paguio and engineers who have developed items for the athletic, aerospace, and automotive industries; resulting in the most aerodynamic and intuitive equipment ever produced. The Competitor Series are the world’s first scientifically engineered drum major equipment and allow drum majors to perform with less effort, better consistency, and greater flexibility.  Metal parts are a mix of different alloys, strategically placed to provide optimal balance. Each mace and baton feature a 3-piece interchangeable head design with structural disc to allow the mace and baton heads to keep their shape and fit after repeated  damage. Mace shafts are made of malacca cane; an extremely rare species of rattan notably light and flexible. The ferrule has a removable threaded composite rubber tip. All metal parts are finished in a 24-step procedure chrome plating with bright nickel, copper and chromium to provide an aesthetic competitive edge.

Please note that all Competitor Series Maces are semi-custom products. Competitor Series Maces can be ordered standard in chrome plate with choice of Mace Head (A, B, C), choice of Finial (1, 2), and choice of length (50" - 62"). Contact us for custom plating, alternative shafts, additional finials, altered ferrule lengths, collar with chains, etc.