Our Process

Dalman & Narborough Regimental Mace Company, part of AMMO & Company Limited, have over 170 years of experience as a manufacturer and is renowned for its production of bespoke ceremonial and technologically advanced competitive drum major staffs for military and civilian use.

Founded in 1850, Dalman & Narborough was registered as silversmiths at the Birmingham Assaye Office in 1859, and has grown with its own in-house silversmiths, spinners, turners, casters, platers, enamellists and polishers. Becoming a combined entity, Dalman & Narborough Regimental Mace Company incorporated a scientific approach to the research and development of drum major equipment. Whether a military drum major on parade or a competitive flourishing drum major, it was time for a conceptual improvement in equipment design to allow drum majors to perform with less effort, better consistency and greater flexibility.

Accomplishing this revolutionary idea, the company assimilated engineers and specialists who have designed, prototyped, and produced products for the aerospace, athletic, automotive, film, medical, and art industries. Dalman & Narborough Regimental Mace Company is the world’s first and only company to scientifically engineer drum major equipment.

Dalman & Narborough Regimental Mace Company Drum Major staffs are not only designed to outperform all current drum major equipment, but also increase the abilities in which flourishing has never been achieved before.  The development began by taking an analytical comparison of the various equipment available today, experimenting with different alternatives to solve inefficiencies, and fusing completely new ideas provided by engineering specialists.

Adding to nearly two hundred years of traditional manufacturing and development, Dalman & Narborough Regimental Mace Company drum major staffs are a combination of hand-made techniques and enhanced digital production via Computer Aided Designs (CAD). The staffs have gone through several stages of prototyping and experimentation and are constructed from a combination of different metals, all strategically placed to provide optimal balance, durability, and sustainability.

Each part is produced through different techniques; by hand, cast from mould, metal spun, and computer numerical control (CNC) machinery to achieve consistency with tighter tolerances.

The end metal product is prepped, polished and finished in multiple finishes such as heavy .5 micron gold, silver, nickel or triple-chrome plating, resulting in a show finish, providing additional durability and a completely aesthetic edge, whether it be for a performance or competition.

Staffs are fitted with a malacca cane shaft; an extremely rare species of rattan, notably lightweight, durable, and flexible. Malacca canes have been the chosen cane for centuries due to their strong outer skin and fibrous bodies.  The canes are hand-selected, treated, then cut to the size requested by the customer, before undergoing the straightening and polishing processes.  All components are fitted to the cane, collar, ferrule and the centre tube (on which the head is fitted to), created from machined parts or sheet brass to the dimensions of this specific cane. Each part is shaped, soldered by hand, so that each part fits flush to the cane.

Dalman & Narborough Regimental Mace Company are proud to continue its long-standing tradition of producing bespoke ceremonial maces for military organisations, police and fire service organisations, and competitive civilian drum majors worldwide. Custom bespoke ceremonial staffs can be brought to life through simple sketches, hand-drawings, digital renderings or existing devices provided by the customer.

Standing by its adopted mottos “Service to Service” and “For Drum Majors, By Drum Majors”, Dalman & Narborough Regimental Mace Company strives to continually improve its products and provides ongoing service to its customers.