With sales and distribution to dozens of countries worldwide, Regimental Mace Company, LLC began as a collaboration between actively involved drum majors Kenneth Misch, M.D., and multi-World Champion Jason Paguio, inspired to create drum major equipment, “For Drum Majors, by Drum Majors.”

Additionally from taking into account the many requests set forth by the drum major community, Regimental Mace Company decided to incorporate a scientific approach to the research and development of drum major equipment. With the constant evolution of flourishing techniques, styles, and uses, it was time for a conceptual improvement in equipment design to allow drum majors to perform with less effort, better consistency and greater flexibility.

In order to accomplish this revolutionary idea, Regimental Mace Company established itself as a fully-capitalized Limited Liability Company; assimilating engineers and specialists who have designed, prototyped, and produced products for the aerospace, athletic, automotive, film, medical, and art industries.

Regimental Mace Company is the world’s first and only company to scientifically engineer drum major equipment.

Regimental Mace Company Drum Major maces are not only designed to outperform all current drum major equipment, but also increase the abilities in which flourishing has never been achieved before.  The development began by taking an analytical comparison of the various equipment available today, experimenting with different alternatives to solve inefficiencies, and fusing completely new ideas provided by our engineering specialists.

Not following the traditional lines of development and manufacturing in its industry, Regimental Mace Company drum major maces were first produced digitally via Computer Aided Design (CAD) and went through several stages of prototyping and experimentation.  Maces are constructed from a combination of different alloys and even various plastic composites, all strategically placed to provide optimal balance, durability, and sustainability.

The manufacturing process is another feat, where each part is produced using the latest equipment in metal spinning technologies, and computer numerical control (CNC) machinery to achieve complete consistency with tighter tolerances.

Each part is prepped and finished in triple-chrome plating; copper plating followed by buffing, nickel plating, and finally chrome plating to provide a show finish, providing additional durability and a completely aesthetic edge, whether it be for a performance or competition.

Maces are fitted with a malacca cane shaft; an extremely rare species of rattan, notably lightweight, durable, and flexible. Malacca canes have been the chosen cane for centuries due to their strong outer skin and fibrous bodies.  Regimental Mace Company offers various exotic woods and composite shafts at the request of customers.

Regimental Mace Company strives to continually improve its products and provides ongoing customer service to its customers.

Incorporated in 2006, Regimental Mace Company is a debt-free company which produces and assembles nearly 100% of its products in the United States of America.